Ensuring a smooth-running class for teacher and student

SmoothClass is an app that provides a library of illustrations and videos demonstrating a wide range of exercises for neurodiverse children.

Visual Supports

Laminated visual supports are widely used by professionals and parents of neurodiverse children to facilitate tasks including physical activities. They help decrease anxiety and rigidity surrounding transitions and communicate visually what is expected.

On the other hand, visual supports come with different challenges. It takes time to create, organize, find and set them up in the desired sequence. They can’t be easily modified or shared with the staff and parents. For all these reasons, professionals and parents don’t invest effort into creating them regularly which would greatly help children to participate.


SmoothClass is an instructional tool that provides a library of illustrations and videos demonstrating a wide range of exercises for fitness studios, gyms and other facilities that offer physical activities for neurodiverse children. It can also be used at home by parents to reinforce classroom instruction.

Library of visuals

SmoothClass keeps your library of exercises and classes in one single place. Use our extensive library of exercises or add your own. Your staff is given a tool to easily create and share exercises and classes.

Smooth-running class

Convert inconvenient laminated visuals into digital visuals where children can still have full visibility on what’s expected and activities remaining but also access videos, alternative exercises and more. 

Skills development

Students can use SmoothClass at home to reinforce and build upon what was taught in class. This also gives parents and kids quality time together.

Team spirit

Strengthen your community by having students share their home fitness activity, encourage each other and participate in friendly competition.

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The app makes it easy to create a class that is unique, simple to follow, and fun for everyone. Kids can even create their own class or access a previous class they may have missed to train on their own or with a parent. SmoothClass really does make the class smooth!

Emily Jiu-Jitsu coach

Great application that helps facilitate at-home activities with all family members! Very easy to use! My son (age 11) loves picking his own class, favorite skills and then he's ready to go.



This application has greatly improved my ability to organize my own classes and share the lesson plan with my students on screen. It has helped me develop a more professional and streamlined aesthetic in my virtual sessions as well.

Erin Fitness coach

SmoothClass helped me and my son stay engaged in the class and eager for the next exercise.  The easy to use interface provides an immediate reward for a job well done and the visual cues keep us on task. SmoothClass made training fun for both of us.